How to Untack Your Horse

Here is another Equestrian Neightion video showing how to untack a horse. You would untack a horse or pony in the inverse order of how you tacked up: take off the bridle first, then the saddle. Safety first! Make sure you are in a cross tie area or a stall to ensure a safe environment for yourself and your horse.

Learning to Sit the Trot

One of the hardest things to learn how to do. Takes lots of core strength and balance. I always remind my students that after Training level you can no longer rise in the trot. (Note) – First level you can rise in the lengthening.The rider must learn to have soft hips and relax to follow the horse’ rhythm. The horse must be soft in their back and in the rider’s hands for them to easily sit the trot.

Western Saddle Fit – Great information

Many horses are being ridden in pain which can cause dangerous behaviors leading to serious injury. This can be easily fixed by having a basic knowledge of proper saddle placement and fitting. Although not an exhaustive teaching on saddle fit, this video covers the necessary basics of Western saddle fit. For more information on Pam Tanner, training, horses for sale and more training videos please visit

Horse Equipment : How to Measure a Western Saddle

A western saddle needs to be measured in order to make sure that it is comfortable for the rider. Find out how to bring measuring tape from the back of the pommel to the seam of the cantle with help from an internationally-certified horse trainer and instructor in this free video on measuring a western horse saddle.

Expert: Rebekah Larimer
Bio: Rebekah Larimer is an internationally-certified horse trainer and instructor.
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson