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Horse Training with John Lyons – The Head Shy Horse

The head shy horse is simply afraid. Someone or something has hurt or frightened him and he doesn’t want it to happen again. In this horse training video, John Lyons, America’s Most Trusted Trainer and Horseman, strategizes with viewers on ways to desensitize a head shy horse.

How to Put on a Horse Bridle

Putting on a horse bridle requires standing near the shoulder of the animal, stroking the horse’s nose to get the head in the right position and gently inching the bridle on, making sure all straps are flat and comfortable. Get a horse used to wearing a bridle and bit with advice from a riding instructor in this video on equestrian living.

How to Untack Your Horse

Here is another Equestrian Neightion video showing how to untack a horse. You would untack a horse or pony in the inverse order of how you tacked up: take off the bridle first, then the saddle. Safety first! Make sure you are in a cross tie area or a stall to ensure a safe environment for yourself and your horse.

Learning to Sit the Trot

One of the hardest things to learn how to do. Takes lots of core strength and balance. I always remind my students that after Training level you can no longer rise in the trot. (Note) – First level you can rise in the lengthening.The rider must learn to have soft hips and relax to follow the horse’ rhythm. The horse must be soft in their back and in the rider’s hands for them to easily sit the trot.