Riders 4 Helmets : Lendon Gray

Lendon Gray discusses helmets with riders4helmets at the Dressage4Kids educational weekend.

Of all the content on Fundamental Horsemanship, Riders 4 Helmets represents the most important information this website could supply. I hope you wear a helmet whenever you ride.

One thought on “Riders 4 Helmets : Lendon Gray”

  1. When I first discovered dressage, my trainer assured me that dressage riders do not “need” helmets because 1 – we were working on the flat and 2 – the saddle seat was too deep.

    One day, one of the moms of one little hunter rider complained that she wished more adults would wear helmets because her daughter would stop complaining and fighting wearing one. I sheepishly admitted that I was one of those helmet less adults, and I had no idea it was noticed. I dug out my helmet. And wore it my next lesson and every ride after that talk.

    My trainer mocked me a bit, but soon other riders started putting on helmets, too.

    He stopped grousing when he saw me ride a little more courageously, a bit more bravely, a bit more assertively with the helmet than without. Yes, helmets are hip!

    Since then, I’ve met all sorts of more skilled riders who have taken the pledge to ride with a helmet every ride.

    Thanks for your efforts!

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